Tuesday, August 1, 2017


sixteen years ago i left my chaotic and beautiful home city of Hong Kong, in order to find out why we humans are conscious, i.e. why we have subjective experiences like seeing red, feeling pain, etc. why aren't we just like robots, with our brains just computing but not 'feeling' anything? (or maybe computers can have subjective experiences too?!) this took me first to Oxford, then London, Paris (very briefly), New York.... currently i'm a tenured associate professor at UCLA. the research goes on, but i've started writing a book about all this. it feels fitting to do it back here in Hong Kong where it all started; i've taken up a fixed-term position at my home university while being on leave from UCLA. this blog is supposed to be about the random musings i have while working on the book, but i anticipate that from time to time i won't be able to resist trying to document the rapid changes this city is going through as well.

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